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Annual Exhibition 2019 Exhibitors

Ambleton Vale
(N, 1950's)
Set in rolling countryside somewhere in central England in the 1950s, Ambleton Vale station is a fictitious terminus at the end of a branch line connecting the village of Ambleton Vale with the county town some 20 miles away
Presented by Ray Taylor & Anna Bass.

Beal St Depot
(00, c2000)
Based on what is now once again Leicester TMD this DCC controlled modern image layout reflects the modern light maintenance depot
Presented by Ray Pond.

Bishop's Lane Brewery
(0, Industrial)
Excellent "pointless" layout which is a shunting puzzle with six permutations. Throw a dice and see what you can direct.
Presented by Colin French a regular exhibitor for BSE MRC.

Brackenbury Works
(00, Industrial)
Interesting layout which represents the "next generation" in our wonderful hobby. Conceived and built with some guidance, this Industrial shunting layout is DCC is the product of a your man almost in his teens, but not quite. It is exhibited to demonstrate what can be achieved when you let the young mind develop in a productive and constructive way.
Presented by Jude Hayward-Brackenbury

Cobbolds Wharf
(S7, 1950's)
Bury St Edmunds MRC newest and probably very best ever layout depicting in a very exacting scale part of Ipswich Docks. You may even recognise buildings that currently exist!
Presented by Bury St Edmunds MRC S7 team.

Coldfair Green
(S4, pre/post war)
Although entirely fictitious, the layout is based in East Anglia between 1920 - 1960 and is a typical country terminal station serving a large village. Both passengers, coal and goods traffic are catered for, with the addition of a private mill siding. All structures will be hand built from card or plasticard and represent East Anglian architecture
Presented by Norfolk & Suffolk Area Group, Scalefour Society.

(00, c2010)
A typical Kelvin Barnes layout, exceedingly well built representing a 20th century end of branch station. Quality manufacture and presentation.
Presented by Kelvin Barnes, a very regular exhibitor at BSE MRC.

Coronado Shortline
(0, USA 1960's)
This fascinating 1960's American layout has been superbly built and is operated by Members of Bury St Edmunds MRC. David is busy with his next project so this layout could be for sale: take a look and see whether the lovely exhibit is as good to you as it is to us!
Presented by David Fennell, Member BSE MRC.

Fenwick TMD
(00, 2019)
A layout that you will always find something different appearing on. Look for the scratch built high quality track machines in this wonderful modern depot. Representing the most modern of modern periods many liveries appear, mostly hand sprayed before the RTR ones have been manufactured.
Presented by Dan Lawrence

(German Tramway, 1920 - 1939)
A new layout to the circuit this highly unusual exhibit is set in a town square with 42 buildings with interior lights and super detail. A Faller road system is used with DRG period trams as rolling stock.
Presented by Chris Hart, Felixstowe area N Gauge Group.

Long Framlington
(N, 1958-1963)
Set in North British areas of Northumberland you will see representative traction with correct rolling stock: much of it kit built. Operated by DCC control of both track and traction this layout is built by Members of N Gauge Forum.
Presented by Richard Hall.

Oak LaneTMD
(00, Modern Image)
Small modern TMD using Lenz DCC control with a clever track plan allowing optimum movement and great interest.
Presented by Greg Marshall.
(00, late 1950's)
Orford never had an actual railway connection, nor, so far as we are aware was one ever contemplated. It lies however, conveniently situated not far from the former GER Aldeburgh branch and the GER Snape branch. Orford represents an imaginary extension of the old Aldeburgh branch to Orford ...a 'never-was' but 'might-have-been' railway, on the assumption that traffic on the Aldeburgh branch grew as originally hoped by the Great Eastern - which in fact, it never really did. Superbly built and wonderfully presented look at the detail and quality of each and every detail.
Presented by Paul Clarke.

Passage Lane TMD
(00, 2019)
This finescale layout is a fictitious east of England modern day depot. It gives ample opportunity for visiting locomotives to be seen and much movement to occur. Most current operators traction can be seen and a variety of rolling stock stabled in the adjacent sidings.
Presented by Charlotte Sanderson.

Ruffles Road
(00, Modern Image )
Based in an urban London setting this layout accommodates a station with passenger and parcels working as well as a busy goods yard for modern rolling stock. Operated with DCC sound most modern traction can be seen.
Presented by Simon Veasey.

Signa Dale
(009, Narrow Gauge 1950's )
Nestling in a valley in the limestone hills in the Peak District, Signa Dale is a small town served by a narrow gauge railway. the layout is set in 1950's when trains continue to serve the isolated farms and villages of the local area against the rising tide of road transport. Signa Dales station has been adapted from the surviving building at Hulme End on the sadly closed Leek & Manifold Railway.
Presented by Peter Rendell.

(N, USA 1956)
An American layout based south west of Kansas City operated by Union Pacific The Rock Island branch connects into an industrial area allowing "switching" operations. The layout is designed to operate prototypically long mainline trains on the UP route. DC controlled main line with DCC branch and industrial area.
Presented by Trevor Buck, Felixstowe Area N Gauge Group.

(00, 1970)
This layout represents a fictitious location somewhere in west London and is inspired by the West Drayton - Uxbridge Vine Street branch. The layout shows the post steam period with DMU operation struggling to exist. Freight is offered by the presence of the oil terminal with parcels and newspapers making up the balance of the operation.
Presented by David Fisher

(N, 1960)
Inspired by Dawlish and Teignmouth this GW mainly operated by GW traction and BR stock. Also to be seen are green era diesel traction and DMU's. SR stock is seen also on "diversionary and training route learned" moves which adds further interest.
Presented by Bishops Stortford Railway Society.

Wattisham & Coombs
(N, freelance)
The names Wattisham & Combs are fundamentally not known in railway circles. Indeed this layout is purely fictitious and are chosen because they were near the makers home! Much of what is seen is based on local productivity, the sugar beet works, grain flows, flour and similar. The main station is based around Ipswich with the crossing Manningtree.
Presented by Mike Chester, former BSE MRC Member

Please Note

Thunder Mountain had to pull out due to personal circumstances.
(N, USA 1955)