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Bury St. Edmunds Model Railway Club

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Member's Personal / Home Layouts

These are some of our members own personal / home layouts.

The AGC Garden Layout

The AGC (Atchinson, Girdlestone and Creed) Railway is situated somewhere in the Midwest of the USA where the Santa Fe meets the Denver and Rio Grande. As one might expect the rolling stock is US outline apart from some visits by Thomas and some of his fellow engines at the request of my grandchildren.

This is my third garden layout in as many decades. There are some 450 metres of track laid in a section of the garden with a shed for the trains. The layout is in “G” scale which is a flexible scale of between 1:20.4 and 1:29 for historical reasons. If you think about the same size as Playmobile you will get the idea. The track has a gauge of 45mm.

This layout has been developed over the last decade, there are about 130 buildings including a funfair and four stations, on 3 different levels. Power is provided though the track via DCC (Massoth) and there are radio hand controllers to keep things simple with several people we can run up to 9 trains at once though 7 is a bit more manageable.

Unlike most layouts this one is dynamic as the garden grows around it and has to be kept under control. Over the years this has turned me into a keen if not competent gardener.

The layout is obviously not portable though I do run a table top Thomas and friends at the odd local show.

Parish End

The processes (trials and tribulations) of building my N Gauge model railway, but we don't mention the expense :-)

Parish End is a set of sidings, loco shed and line side industries in an un-named town in the industrial north west of Britain where the pigeons fly backwards to keep the muck out of their eyes and is served by the LMS Railway Company.

Just think muck, grime and decay and you'll get the picture.

The era modelled is 1940's to early 1960's, though Rule 1 shall apply as and when.

I have been building the layout for the past three years and is very much a 'Work in Progress'.

The layout is 8' x 2' with a 3' long 'leg'.

The layout is DCC and is controlled with an ESU Ecos controller and a DCC Concepts Alpha Panel for point control.

The buildings are a mixture of my own 3D resin printed, commercial kit-bashed plastic kits and the majority of the houses are laser cut wooden kits.